Your Point of Contactless Payments


Yehuda Holtzman

Chief Executive Officer

In December 2019 Yehuda joined OTI as Chief Executive Officer.
Yehuda brings a wealth of experience to OTI, having successfully established, grown and sold three technology companies throughout his career. From 1998 to 2011, he was President of MobileAccess, a cellular technology company he co-founded which was acquired by Corning in 2011. Following that, he co-founded and was CEO of ExploreGate, a Big Data/AI company, and from 2016, he was CEO of Mobilogy, a provider of mobile lifecycle solutions that was acquired in 2018.

Assaf Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Assaf has been Chief Financial Officer at OTI Global since March 2018.
Since 2015, he has served as OTI’s controller and deputy CFO and has been responsible for the company’s global finance departments.
Previously, Assaf served as company controller at Samgal Ltd., and before that served as Senior CPA at Ernst & Young.


Assaf received a B.A. in economics and accounting from the University of Haifa and is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel.

Amir Eilam

VP of Research & Development

Amir Eilam has been OTI’s VP of R&D since 2012. Amir has been with OTI since 2005, acting first as embedded software engineer, and then as manager of the Firmware and Petroleum departments, specializing in operating system design for embedded products.

Amir holds a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Ort Brauda College of Engineering in Israel.

Nehemya Itay

Chief Scientist

Nehemya Itay has been OTI’s Vice President-Hardware Engineering since July 1995. From 1990 to 1995, he was employed by OTI as a research and development engineer and was a company director from 1991 to 1999. Nehemya is a member of the Joint Task Committee of the International Standards Organisation on standards for contactless smart cards. Prior to joining OTI, he was a hardware development engineer at Electro-Galil, an Israeli manufacturer of radio frequency-based identification cards. Previously, he was a hardware electronic engineer at Elscint, an Israeli technology company.

Nehemya holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from The Technion (The Israeli Institute of Technology) and an M.Sc in electronics from Drexel University, Philadelphia.

Sagi Nataf

VP Operations and Engineering

Sagi has multiple years of experience in Project an Operations management, ensuring the success of global project development, through effective methodologies.

Before joining OTI, Sagi held strategic positions at Philips Medical and Soltam Systems Ltd.

Sagi holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management, and an MBA in Business Administration, both he graduated with honors.